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TheGoogle MapsHandbook

Go pro with step-by-step solutions to 20+ real-world Google Maps challenges.

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Master Google Maps with Expert Guidance

Each chapter contains:

  • A real-world scenario dealing with Map Design, Markers & Shapes, Events & Interactions, Geocoding & Autocomplete, and more.
  • A structured, annotated, step-by-step approach.
  • Thoughts on the common pitfalls, caveats, trade-offs, and alternative approaches.
  • Loads of recommended tools, related resources, and useful links.

🗺️1. Your First Map

authenticationkey securitygcp projectsbilling accounts

📢3. Interactivity & Events

event handlingmouse interactionsinfo bubbles

🔄4. Interoperability & Conversions

coordinate transformationsproj4geo boundsturf.jsstandardizationbuffered circlescustom polylines

🌎5. Data Layers & Overlays

map tilessatellite imagerytraffic & transit layerson-demand stylingwebgl canvasvector overlays

Coming Soon

Photorealistic 3D Tiles
Spatial SQL with BigQuery
Geospatial AI Prompting


The Google Maps Handbook Can Benefit:


You've surely heard about Google Maps thanks to its popularity. You've probably also dabbled with its APIs and skimmed through a couple of Medium articles but still feel overwhelmed and cannot find useful, use-case-based guides to jump-start your implementation?
Then this handbook is for you!


You've got working knowledge of the Google Maps Platform and already feel comfortable rendering one or two non-trivial markers, maybe even a WebGL overlay, but want to broaden your horizons, and perhaps (re)discover some elegant Google Maps techniques?
Then this handbook is for you!

Team Leaders

Google Maps is a part of your organization's tech stack and you'd like to quickly familiarize your devs with the best practices and save their valuable time?
Then this handbook is for you and your team to peruse, and perhaps even clone and extend as your own team's Google Maps wiki!
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Warning. Do NOT invest if:

  • You don't yet understand basic web terminology such as API, interface, and IDE. Watch the official video Intro for New Developers first, and then come back to make the most of this Handbook.
  • You're more interested in Google Maps for iOS or Android, as opposed to web-based JavaScript/TypeScript implementations of Google Maps.


  • How does it work?
  • After purchase, you'll instantly be able to sign in and fully unlock the whole handbook.
  • Is it really worth $28?
  • You bet! With the purchase you'll gain access to a collection of actionable guides to help you integrate Google Maps with clarity and confidence.
    As someone who learns best from examples, this is something I wish existed back when I was struggling to integrate Google Maps for the first time.
    50% off for ✨ 2024 New Year

Who's the author?

The Google Maps Handbook author Joe Sorocin

I'm Joe Sorocin and at g-Xperts, I build web apps for folks all around the world. I also consult and spend hundreds of hours researching and solving interesting and challenging Google Maps use cases. It all culminated into this handbook which will help you master the power of Google Maps! ✌️

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