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This Book’s Scope

Google Maps spans a broad suite a web mapping services. Among other things, it offers:
  • satellite imagery
  • real-time traffic conditions
  • route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle, or public transportation
  • and street maps.
This handbook primarily focuses on street maps via the Google Maps Javascript API with a few sprinkles of related APIs and services such as:

Target Audience

You’ll benefit from this handbook the most if you have at least rudimentary knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript.
The presented materials aren’t designed for marketing professionals, sales people, and no-code folks. You will need to write code to apply the learnings from this handbook to your application or website.

Programming Language

All code examples in this book are written in TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript.
TypeScript offers type safety and intellisense (+ code editor autocomplete) and plays along well with the Google Maps Javascript API.

Chapter Structure

Each chapter in this book is dedicated to a separate topic and can be read independently. However, the chapters frequently reference one another.
Each subchapter starts with a brief summary, followed by a description of the challenges that you will likely face.
Next, a real-world scenario is presented, followed by the approach the author would take to address it.
Tips 💡, key pieces of information 🔑, and caveats ⚠️ are scattered throughout the text.

Terminology, Abbreviations, and Naming Conventions

GMaps; Maps
The Google Maps Javascript Version 3 API (unless stated otherwise)
GCP; Google Cloud
The Google Cloud Platform
The GCP Console (console.cloud.google.com)
The Maps Javascript API documentation or its technical reference
dev tools
The browser developer tools (e.g. Chrome’s dev tools), esp. the console
Stackoverflow.com, the online Q&A forum for developers

Emoji Legend

🔑 a key piece of knowledge
💡 an idea / a tip / a good-to-know
⚠️ a caveat / a warning
⚙️ deeper knowledge of the subject matter is required
▶️ an expandable toggle list
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