All of Felt’s tools are located on the top toolbar and can also be accessed via keyboard shortcuts.
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  • Add a pin to the map to locate a place.
  • Customize the pin style and add images and information fields in the details panel.
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Polygon & Line

  • Emphasize custom regions by drawing polygons and lines on your map.
  • Vertices can be added or moved after the line or polygon is created.
  • If you wish to extend a line, click the last point and select ‘extend.’
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  • Route will navigate to the shortest path between your first anchor and where you move your cursor.
  • Choose driving, cycling, walking or flying to help Route more accurately assess the appropriate network for your path.
  • Select ‘Markings’ > Show Length along the toolbar to see the length as you draw.
  • Add anchors for more control over your path.
  • Press shift to override routing.
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  • After selecting the Circle tool, click on the center and drag outwards to a certain radius.
  • The radius can be specified as a numeric value in meters, kilometers, feet or miles.
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Marker & Highlighter

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