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Using the Toolbar

The Felt toolbar allows you to manually create, group, and style map elements: pins, routes, lines and polygons, as well as annotations such as: markers, highlighters, text, notes and links.
Elements in the map live at the very top of the map stack. They can be used to highlight specific regions in your map, tell a story, measure areas and even plot routes between points.

Uploading Data

Styling Data Layers

You’ve uploaded your data. Now what?
First of all, make it pop! Using the Style Editor you can visualize your points by size, create filterable categories or even make a choropleth map with a Jenks Natural Breaks classification. And if you need even finer control, edit the underlying styles directly in the Advanced Editor.

Analyzing Layers & Finding Insights

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of data. The Table View provides a tabular interface for searching and selecting the features you really care about. And drilling down in the table and the map is easier than ever with the new Filter tab.
Or use the new Spatial Analysis toolset to create new transformed layers from existing ones by buffering, clipping, dissolving and more!

Choosing Backgrounds

Backgrounds are the canvas upon which your map is built. Choose between our in-house basemaps (with or without labels), bring in your own or simply set a flat background color.

Exporting Your Map & Data

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